So trying to find places to live in Sheffield, UK is pretty much a nightmare. 100’s of adds and all that. 2 years of renting haa given me some perspective on how to find an ‘okay’ place. When I say ‘Okay’ I am referring to all these factors:

  • The landlord isn’t a complete…. you can fill the blanks.
  • The house doesn’t have any leaks or mould growing (except from your own pots)
  • The rooms are relatively spacious – by which I mean you can fit a wardrobe and a bed and a desk in nicely.
  • Extra amentities are always a bargin!
  • Bills SHOULD be included in the renting (for students predominately)
  • ALWAYS read your contract.

I can tell you some horror stories from student living, and it ain’t pret-taaaay!

So since I’m gonna be working in New York for like 4 weeks, I’mma need some place to live – properly. Assuming that the New York renting scene has some cross overs here are some places to beware of! …

Some rules I’ve discovered :

When an add has to use:

  • no shoes allowed inside
  • lead patterning on the windows
  • Door step
  • the door is new
  • roommate MUST be a girl for good times (no jokes).
  • Bedroom has a lock
  • Bathroom has a toliet and shower

As one of the Pro’s on the 4 bullet point list of why you should buy/rent the property – like they have simply ran out of postive elements… you know you’ve got spme trouble.


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