The Inevitable Weekend Question; Part 2.

Coworker: Hey Smizz! How was your weekend? What did you do?

Smizz: My weekend was great! I didn’t get up till midday, and then I wrote out all my Transmission notes! Watched some movies Charlie Barlett, Into The Wild and Medium Cool and then the MOST EXCITING PART I finally got around to alphabetizing my DVD collection. That’s really been weighing on my mind! I didn’t even incorporate the new ones I got for Christmas until now! Crazy, right?

Coworker: Crazy alright.

Smizz: I gave some serious thought to separating the unwieldy TV boxed sets from the normal movies, to make the shelving situation more manageable. I mean seriously, what were they thinking with that Rambaldi Cube?

Coworker: Rambaldi. Right.

Smizz: Yeah. But then I decided it was best to keep everything together and in alphabetical order.

Coworker: Uh-huh.

Smizz: Because if I separate the unwieldy TV boxed sets, does that mean I have to separate the unwieldy movie boxed sets like Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park also? If I do that, where does it end? It could get out of hand! Know what I mean?

Coworker: Um…sure.

Smizz: Apartheid! LOL!

Coworker: What?

Smizz: Apartheid! LOL!


Smizz: You wanna grab lunch later?

Coworker: No, actually, I’m pretty tired. I’m gonna go to bed.

Smizz: But it’s 9 in the morning.

Coworker: Yeeeeee-up.

Coworker 2: Why do you talk to her?

Coworker: It’s the sacrifice I made for Lent. After Easter that dork can suck it.


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