London and other stuff.

So Contemporary Art as Dialogue went to London in hope to get away from Sheffield 08!

We did this successfully. We saw alot of mediocre work and a couple of great exhibitions such as the ICA, The Lisson Gallery and the curational element at the Serpentine!

The best part of the day was definately the quotes:

Nat’s, ” Look Smizz,” she points to a big blue building which has a nice appeal to it in the middle of loads of other big buildings, ” IT’S ARCHITECTURE!!”  

We were running out of time after seeing about 15 galleries so we grabbed this amazing pizza near Goodge Street, TO GO! and we ate it at the train station. We leave the boxes and as we’re going Nat says, ” Do you think we should tell them that they are just pizza boxes? that they’re not a threat….”!

Nat’s responce to London kids, ” Oh woooow. They sound like Dizzee Rascal!?”

In a cafe A foreign guy who’s serving us food in the East End makes polite conversation in a strong dilect that James is having trouble understanding, he askes him where he is from… and James replies.. ” Ermmm… England?”

Duhh of course?

And Brendan’s quote of the day.

I’m expressing my disconcerns with graduating… how I wanna be a student forever and what am I going to do for fulltime work? I suggest that i think I might just join the peace core for 2 years- building schools and all that- at least its something positive and I can’t be seen to be failing not making my art degree work..

Brendan agrees and says, ” I was going to do something like that this summer… like build schools and houses in a 3rd world country but I decided to go 2 the V festival instead..”

But it is true. I love the feel of the open road. And the freedom of being footloose. I think after I graduate I’m just gonna disappear – like The kid off Into The Wild – But I ain’t going to live in Alaska – That doesn’t really appeal to me.

In other news Contemporary Art As Dialogue is working on some new collab. material!


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