I am sooooooo tired right now. So, so so tired/ Why I hear you all ask!? Why?

Despite my Fine Art course is making us work like illegal Mexicans [by which I mean to complete a professional collaborative exhibition; do a symposium on it; still see art galleries; write about lectures; read philosophy; do research for an essay; still continue with my studio practice ontop of anything else – such as Contemporary Art as Dialogue and StreetForm also our latest Zine which i am confident will be out by the end of March as I have finished my stuff} all this is to be done and finished all on the same week in April]

I went 2 Leeds today for the Artist’s bookfair. I’m in the Donx, and where I live there’s an awesome train station which I can catch a train to Leeds or Sheffield – straight through. What more would you want? Anyways, I had the nicest train conductor. I was like, ” Hey, can I have a student from ****** to Leeds return please…” And the guys like… ” I’m going to break your ticket up so it will be cheaper for you….”

I was skeptical at first but I though, whatever. And oh my gosh. Instead of costing me 6:50 with railcard, it only cost me £3.10!! I was like, ” Oh wow! Thank you that’s real nice…”

He of course ruined this fantastic moment and was like, ” Well yes, I’m just that kindaaa guy!”

Indeed. So saw some shit art [that’s my art criticism skillz at work right there] and then I holla’d the artfair which was okay. Krazy expensive.

And to go to Leeds I had to get up crazy early. I finished the book, ” Art and it’s institutions.” And I’ve read half of Kosuths, ” Art after philosophy and After” book, also this weekend.

I’ve half done my website www.utopianprotagonist.co.uk which is HARDWORK. and I’m crapping myself with the thought of a real harsh tutorial that I’m going to get on Monday. yikezzzzzz!

Other than that, I’m liking my work momentum at present – although it could be better. But it’s okay right now. Can I just say though, I got fucking food poisoning from PIZZA HUT



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