Living in New York City…

 So I’m starting to freak out abit at the idea of finding a place to crash – be a lodger – for 4-6 weeks in NYC over June to July whilst I do my internship. I can do it, fo sho, but i Can’t help but think at how lonely its going to be. How dangerous it is, just going up 2 someones house, and chillin’ with them. I love the idea of the dangerous, lonely travel of adventure. But at the sametime, I wish for 2 share it with someone. Imagine how fun it would be wit a group of your hommies?

Research for the dissertation? not a problem in New York City! Inspiration for your 3rds year degree show…. YOUR IN NEW YORK CITy.

Except my friends aren’t as adventerous as I am. We’ll see. I’m still trying to figure out if and the cheapest way to get my visa and that. It’s expensive stuff.

If you guys know any1 looking for a roomie- in NYc holla at me.


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