The embarrassment

When I go home now and again at the weekend, I have to catch the train and I like 2 take my dirty washing- not because my mom will do it, but because there’s not much room in my house 2 dry it since we dont have a drier. And I don’t like how it smells after that. So I take my dirty washing in a big heavy IKEA bag that I cellotape to makesure my underwear doesn’t fall out or whatever.

If this isn’t embarrassing enough then this surely is.

So I’m on the train going home from a long week at uni, last weekend, unwinding to a little jingle called “Bow Wow[thats my name]”, reminiscing about the good old days when my phone begins to ring and when I was like 13? Those carefree days!

The music automatically cuts off as my phone starts to ring. I pull the earphone plug out of the phone and answer it because I don’t like using that little hanging wire thingy. Chatty chatty. Sarah, what do you want for tea? A curry?

No. Pizza? Half Cheese half 4 seasons… Mmmm sure. Chatty chatty.

Hang up.

The music automatically begins to play again. Only my headphones aren’t plugged in and “Bow Wow[that’s my name]” is now playing over the speaker on my phone for all the train to hear.

OMG OMG OMG! I bury myself deeper into my seat. Mini crisis! Where is the damn plug? Stick it in! Got it! Heave a sigh of relief. Enjoy the music. Remember the good old days.

THE END as I get some funny looks from the chavs who are eying me and my big bag of dirty washing up.  Mane, I hate the Donx.


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