The best thing I’ve heard all week.

So we had this research lecture with superstar M. Corris on Tuesday about research shizzle. And then we had Art and Philosophy, I must admit I was pretty tired that day. But it was a day of breakthroughs, for example – I had a crit and I talked about my work realllllly well for me? Usually I struggle and stutter. Or read off a sheet that I have pre-written because I can write about my ideas better than actually making them and talk about them verbally. So that was like – wow. Maybe Contemporary Art as DIALOGUE AND ENGAGING MORE And reading philosophy alot is really starting to help my vocab? Maybe I’m just disillusioning myself. I dunno.

But That was ace, and then I asked my second question in a lecture. Hells yeah. Also today, I finished CAaD’s collab. End Gallery proposal and handed it in. A day before the deadline! I can say though, in the spirit of Sheffield 08 – I’m sick of “getting on the fucking block and fuck”

Anyways, so we were all pretty quite in Art and Philosophy – it goes on till 8:30pm! And I’m chatting to Nat about my anxieties of the research project. I’m like… I’m talking about the evolution of the art institution in terms of exstiential conceptual architecture – i’m not sure if i can whack some artists in there- because artists are easier to write about than buildings and institutions really. And I thought about it for awhile and then I was like Ohhh yeah.. I COULD USE joseph Kosuth at a push. because I Read a book the otherday which said architecture was integral to his work. and she was like…

” i don’t think i’ve seen much of his work.”

I’m like, ” oh i’ve got the book in my studio space you should check it out…”

Nat: ” I’ve only seen his blow dog and blow up flower..”

I’m a bit confused at this… thinking maybe i dont know kosuths work at all…

then Nat sensing my confusia goes.. ” I think… oh… no wait…… is that Jeff Koons work?”

I’m like Laughing my ass off… and she’s like, perfectly justified, ” well it’s the same  letters innit?”

Lol… turns out Nats been thinking of the wrong work for half a year now. I love it.


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