So yeah, I live in a somewhat quite city – Sheffield. Sheffield the UK that is. Not America… not in Asia… in the UK representing

So I’m just going to my room at about 1am this morning when.. to my disbelief. AN Earthquake tremmer?!

At first I thought it must be one of my housemates playin’ up – like slamming doors… it felt like an explosion had gone off. my rooms in the attick too. So evrything proper rattled and shook. I thought that my cheap ass wardrobe was going to fall on me! I stood perfectly still trying to comprehend what I had just experienced… and for the fear of falling through the ceiling!! lol. Well weird. Was some what exciting.

I only realised it was a earthquake thing because a friend text me asking me if I felt it, confirming my suspisions.

Sorry if I havent blogged in a while, I’m actually making artwork again. Whoop! And doing some reading for my research essay and writing my critical review of Sheffo 08.

Keep it locked here. Holla


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