La Poste (said like Post; but has an e on it?; means The Post Office)

Oh so you don’t respond to self pity?! I suppose that’s a good thing. You guys are like my mom. Just ignore her, she’ll get over her moodswing in abit when she wants some cash or something to eat.


Currently I’m trying to write this amazing text. So far… I have text. No amazing. I suppose I’ll have to sprinkle it with abit of Miss Smizz laterz – That sounded wrong. Whatever. I have some more movies from the library to catch this weekend. Should be good. Gotta take my mom out for a meal and a movie on Sunday for her big 4-0!! She’s gettin’ old.  I’m in the Donx at present. Ghetto-ing it up/ When I arrived all the power had gone. I had to feel my way down the street! My headphones have broke too :o(. I’m really hoping next week is going to be a good week.


Long before the inception of the e-mail, there was this thing called parcel post. Back then, Teradacytls transported stones with little chiseled drawings over to the next cave and dropped it on Cromagnen man. Not really. But close.

The first documented occurrences of a mail system are in The Bible by King Medes, who used it to hand down decrees authorizing the death of like, everyone. And then we evolved and stopped killing each other invented the internet which meant that we were civilized. The irony, no? Now I’d rather email anyone for sponsorship instead of calling them.

I still love old fashioned mail, though. You know, the kind that comes in a metal box with a stamp and sometimes still smells like the sender and you can almost imagine them scratching out their love for you with a pen in cursive. All my dearest friends know I love mail. Some people I only barely know are in tune to this as well (even if I am horrible about reciprocating!). And this month has been particularly special as far as my little P.O. Box is concerned.

I got this package containing this totally amazing array of goodies finally arrived from FINLAND. Only two months late
This lovely package came by way of the Finish and the Frenchmen. Don’t you just wish you knew what was inside?

So today I’ve started to return the favor, mailing out boxes and letters and delightful whatnots from my local post office.

Only thing is, how come there is always a line and it ain’t a Tuesday??
I guess that’s why they invented the email or something.

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