This weekend hasn’t been unproductive; but it has been sort of lazy. It could have been more focused on work rather than ‘research’. When I say ‘research’ I mean cinematography and when I say cinematography I mean I’ve sat and watched movie…. after movie… after movie. ALL WEEKEND. It’s like i’m depressed or something.

But I’m not. Like Friday night.

I did the gallery crawl for Sheffield 08, went home to find that we were having a party. I totally forgot about it. An “Anti-Valentines” Party, Sounds like a Feminists gathering, no?

I wasn’t in the party mood really. I wanted 2 chat not shout with drunken people who have trashed the house. So I did the party socialite thing for abit and went up 2 my room and watched Once and The Rules of Attraction. Went to bed. I woke up early on Saturday

(This is rare) Used the internet at Colligate. Went to Cineworld. On my way to Cineworld I saw an old friend of mine, we chatted for an hour on the street- I freezed my nose off. Just missed the tram… so I ran along it to the next step. It was well ace. I can run as fast as a tram moves!! It was like one of those movie scenes. If only I was chasing after the love of my life on the tram, not the fact that I could be arsed 2 stand and chill my ass off even more.

Got to Cineworld saw 3 movies (I have 1 of those fantastic unlimited cards where you pay 11quid a month and see as many movies as you want for free).

Afterwards I came home. And read abit. I read another lil’ bit. Some philosophy and something about Public Space. I started writing something for the Contemporary Art as Dialogue collaboration for the End Gallery. Wrote a poem about NY and put it into Toastar now called for this month, ” Art is dead, and everything is Art.”

Went to another party. Came back, started writing Pheobe a normal handwritten letter to send to Finland. It started off good- and then turned into this philosophical rant of how I wanted to travel. Thought best leave it there, before it gets too self involved. Watched another DVD

went to sleep. Slept till 11:30. That brings me up to right now. i’m going out 2 finish a collaborative film. and then maybe steal the internet at Dans and Jamies house, discuss our decieving thing. And hopefully do some work. Go home, and I bet I will end up watching another DVD.


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