I can, I can’t Who Cares?

I do.

I discovered this amazing guy http://www.noiseheatpower.com/smspillage.htm (you HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT). It’s by some guy called Damon Fairclough. I used to have an English teacher called Mr Fairclough but I’m pretty sure it’s not the same person. This website is Sheffield in its haydays. Where people would chill in the Leadmill because no stores were open and stuff like that. I discovered this guy from one of my favourite past time blogs by a Sheffield University Architecture student. Catch it here [ http://jamesbrownontheroad.wordpress.com/ ] Unlike me though, his blogs are more interesting and engaging, and are grammatically correct. [This by the way, doesn’t mean you stop reading my blogs lol].

I also agree about the ridiculous festival in Sheffield which is called Love2BinSheffield. I can think of better things to spend sponsering money on. Like… I dunno… StreetForm?  Interestingly though, I’m psyked about Sheffiled 08. I was pretty skeptical at first because, bless Sheffield – it doesn’t half try hard to be arty and cool. But the majority 0f art in Sheffield is abit shit. (I’d go into why but I can’t be bothered). However we had a transmission talk with Jan Verwoert – who wrote the text that Sheffiled 08 is created around. And man, I was impressed!

This guy had a charisma that enchanced his text so much more. More over, he had a passion. Something you don’t really see any more. The text has soul. Just like Sheffield. I’ve never written so much in a Transmission talk. Last year I always fell asleep. But I think I’m maturing more now. And this guy is up there with my favourite talks now… if not THE favourite. There is something so much more engaging when someone has a passion, a real ambition for what they do and what they are talking about. I ‘m not into the artist who just “performs” because they can, or does their artwork in a way that just follows whats “in” in he artworld. Passion all the way.

A dignity in a dream. A passion for what we do – not because we hope it will lead to a career were we are jet lagged from international 100 art openings but because it’s something worthwhile leaving behind. Something with hope, something that tries to clue into our meaning, our Beings. Something that shows we are selfless, that what we do isn’t just a career choice – it’s a lifestyle and that it’s a true love for what we do.

We are just made just to PERFORM!  Love it.

So if Sheffield 08 has as much soul as I’m hoping that it might. Then it’s going to be great! I’ve even got my tickets for the Sheffield 08 Symposium. 10 quid man. That’s 2 take-out pizza’s! Thats my living costs for dinner and drinks and busfare and stuff for a week. That’s how much time I’m investing into the hope it will be reall successful and some interesting pieces of works.

I think you all should read how soulful, passionately written the context essay is  from our Jan.:



One thought on “I can, I can’t Who Cares?

  1. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Allen Taylor

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