List number 3. Things to do this week

It’s busy being me at present. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. But I need to prioritize. For example, I don’t have a place to live next year – And I don’t wanna live in the middle of yonder, and Richie hates London Road (i love it) and I don’t wanna pay summer rent so I’d happily go back into student halls… but ohhhh no. What can I say? I hate responsibility. I don’t wannnna paybills! I want them inclusive. So between us, we are binary oppositions. He fails to understand at how much I cringe at throwing 1,200 quid away at dead rent over summer. Then he has the audacity to say, ” well come home and work a shit summer job.” Can I remind you Richie, you looked all summer and got no job till October.

Case closed.  I want adventure! not dead rent.

So here is my targets this week. With StreetForm; and Contemporary Art as Dialogue and Exhibition and Theory and Practice collaboration, and collabrotive End Gallery proposal anddddd my own art practice to be getting on with. Somethings give away so here it is:


– Pick my photo’s up from Harrisons [the best camera place in Sheffield].
– Go into Uni and do something with them – Follow my ideas, see if a projector is free and book it out for the day
– Take DVDs back, renew books
– Discuss Proposal ideas for End Gallery
– Go to the movies to see That awesome movie I can never remember with the crew
– Do whatever art related in the evning

– E+T+P
– Do some work whatever that be.
– Contemporary Art as Dialogue
– discuss Ideas for the End gallery proposal
– Art+Philosophy

– StreetForm Workshops
– Transmission
– post Transmission chat.
– Some arty stuff in the evening

– Crit group [need 2 have image and text ready for group discussuion]
– Meeting with Volunteers thing at Hallam for StreetForm
– Hopefully house viewings???
– Maybe go back to Uni? DO WORK

– Finish Collaborative film perhaps?
– Start/finish any work between now and then.
– Discuss ideas/write then bring something for proposal for the end gallery.
– if memory serves correct SHEFFIELD 08 PARTY !!! Exhibition openings!!

– Sleep
– work

– Sleep
– E+T+P

So, i’ll get back to you with how it goes lol.


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