Artworld and it’s elitism’s.

It does annoy me that when you say to an educated artist, whom are predominately from middle class backgrounds and are white, that art and it’s world is elitest. Regardless that of course I need research and all that to back up my claim but inconversation it annoys me to hell, that they are always quick to defend! Of course they are! They’re part of it.

I read an article in the Time Out London sometime in October last year about how easier it is to get into the artworld if your middle class black than working class white. Now that right there says something for sure.

We are elitest Beings. We like the idea that no one else can do our job; that we have these far out ideas.  And we always want to fool the audience. Not everyone can appericate art. This is evident when you show your Nan your contemporary art book  and she’s like, “OMG that’s not art!” Also alot of it is this indepth theory which 2 years ago I had no idea existed, which makes the whole idea of some pieces of art more interesting!

You can’t work in a museum with out prior experience, you need an art degree to do most things in the arts – where 50 years – even up to the 80’s you could most definately get away with being self taught or having a degree in something else. Like Philosophy and such. Although I’m always in a thought of Nostalgia in the Arts. Wouldn’t it be amazing to sit and have these big philosophical ideas in art forms and chat about it; like real artists. And you wouldn’t be overwhelmed with 100s of ggalley openings. And not everyone would be doing an art degree so you could have a chance of making it.

However, this for me, is a disillusion. We know if I was where I am now 50 years ago, I wouldn’t be at university. Probably wouldn’t even be able to read! I probably would be a housewife. Or dead.  So even if the inequality has shifted and there are more opportunities… I have become slightly more knowledgeable from the use of the Internet.

Anyways, my point being is that it really fucks me off when educated people say that art isn’t elitest. Yes it is. It’s easier to say that when you’re from a postion of superiority. My hommies, my family, my friends family all find the concept of art difficult if it isn’t taught to them. For example, everyone gets Van Goth, and you probably could embrace some sort of debate. However that’s not understanding at all. Why do we have to be  secretive? Why do we have to charge $20 to get into a  gallery!? regardless of a “free night”. It cuts people off who could be interested. 

 It’s something that aggravates me because not everyone has the privledge to see art. I never saw a real proper art gallery till I was … embarrasingly… late 15’s. That was simply by chance too. My teacher had to take 6th formers to London to see art so they could write about it for one of the ALevel subjects. They had 1 place left and me being as charming and ambitious as I am – She secretly offered me the last place (I was in year 11 at the time). And we went to the Tate Modern, and Saatchi Gallery – I’ve seen all the hardcore examples of YBA Contemporary art which now I feel so lucky to have been in that position. The National Portrait Gallery and Tate Britian. It was great. And I knew right then, Yo…I wanna be a contemporary Artist. But I wanna make art accessible too. And then when you say that, everybody gets on their high horse and is like, ” think about that! i wouldnt go down that rute because art IS accessible to all”

Fuck off. No it ain’t. 

Don’t get me wrong though. Art issss accessible, but it needs to be MORE accessible. The whole debate about the Art gallery becoming a “theme park” with its audio tours and bits of explaination of the works…. annoys me to no end. For one, “theme park” Please. A theme park is much more fun and expensive. Audio tours are a choice and you don’t have to read what the arts about if you don’t want to. So get lost.  Fo’ shizzzzzzzzzzzle.


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