Ever think that you’re being secretly filmed?

I do.

Except it’s not that secret. I think that’s why some people just really like me, or dislike me – cuz I’m secretly famous to myself. Like the Truman Show, except I’ve always thought it, even before the Truman Show was released. Yeah, I was a very sociologically media aware child at like 9 years old!? lol.

It would all just be too perfect NOT to be filmed. When I say perfect… I mean perfect in a melodramatic soap opera way. And this goes for all my friends too. Like we really are involved together.  I ain’t giving examples and recent events. But come onn channel 4. This is your chance!

Of course, channel 4 is just a media construct to help me believe my own created media constructed reality.  And does beg that all too cliche question of my own existence, and everyone else’s in relation to your own question of it.

In other news, I got 2 chocolate bars from the vending machine today by pressing it twice for the same price. I mean how ace is that? The day is rated by the amount of chocolate bars I recieved.

And I need to think of some amazing thought provoking question that encorporates both my facination with philosophy (i’m guessing the idea of reality and the hyper real) and the artworld. But what? and How? And also, you  know i’m interested in the conceptual arts of the late 1960’s and 70’s, recently. And other stuff.

Sheshh – the latter of course will be cut from the reality recording of my life because it’s not exciting enough.


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