The UK working class area education system

So as you know, I’m working class [yes, i’m very class conscious – I can’t help it] and for some of my friends and I it is amazing that we even got to university…. and are still here! Passing essays and such. Because, well, state schools in working class, single parent led, drug populated areas don’t really have much going for them.

It’s an achievement when a student gets 5 A*-C grades in their GCSEs and my old highschool was really pleased that they got 34% A*-C’s. I was of those students who managed through some positive role model teachers that was able to get 1 A* in Art, 5 A’s in science[double award], english lit+lang, sociology and 2 C’s in math and technology. We also were made to take GNVQ in ICT which is the “equalivalent to 4 GCSEs” and I got  aMErit which meant 4 B’s in ICT and an E in French. but that doesn’t count.  Cuz it’s French and I’m British and we are hopeless as a nation at learning languages.

Anyways, that GNVQ obviously was used to make it look like the school had improved dramatically in the 5 gcse grades. we were Special Measures- which is  a bad thing, but it’s actually a really good thing! Means the level of stuff is upped and teachers actually have to make homework and stuff. I’m getting off the point – again.

In my 6th form of 252 kids, only 12 of us went on to university. Thats like 4.7% that go to university. and I can tell you that 2% of the 4.7% drop out. What’s that tell you about the education system? About aspirations in these areas, and how the education system is focused at a middle class environment.

To further my points – you can tell I’m badly taught in English when it comes to grammar.

I was chatting to Kezwilla last night and she revealed to me 2 things.

– 1 , we never learnt about WW2. She thought that it was 200 years ago, and had no clue to what the holocaust is. this is a big social comment. I was like, ” yo kezwillaaa! You’re having me on?” And she was like, ” No Smifiii, if we ain’t been taught it and no one told me about it – how am I supposed 2 know?!”

– 2, She also thought Jamaica was in fucking Africa. What 20 year old thinks that?

I will say in her defense on both subjects that we did drop geography and history to pursue sociology in Year 9. Ask her any question on Henry the 8th n his 6 fucking wives and I bet she’ll know everything. Ask her more important stuff that actually makes a difference to how we think like who Malcolm X is, and WW2 and Che Gueruva – she won’t have a clue. Why don’t they teach you stuff like that?? Hmmm

The Marxist in me says – well it is obvious. No? I ain’t gonna state it.

Speaking of my old Highschool.. They’re building a new building on the field and they dug up like 36 dead bodies. Now that is G-H-E-T-T-OOOOO.

Kezwilla text me at 6:13 AM in the morning asking if she call – I thought there was something really wrong. turned out she just wanted 2 tell me taht we used 2 sit on deadbodies at school. And she had the urge to tell me that at 6:00 in the morning. On a SATURDAY even worse! Lol

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