PARTY on Saturday

I ain’t putting where but anyone who knows me – knows where it is at!!

////// *** This post contains lots of explicity words*** ///////

A funny story to go with the party though.

Richie posted a public event invitation to his/our party on Facebook. And I’m sure we have all heard those horror stories of companies firing their staff over party pictures, and like not even employing you because of your profile. Well this goes to new levels.
Some guy knocks at the door and says Peter, our landlord, wants to see you. I was out at college at this time- like a good lil’ student. But RIchie and TopShop-Sophie go over (we live across from him) and Peter’s like, ” I was looking for a party to crash [he’s like 50+] on Eccy Road so I typed it in on Facebook and I get….”

Richie couldn’t ahve just put PARTY. nO, Because that wouldn’t have done it any justice. Instead he puts – ” GET FUCKED OUT OF YOUR FACE and dance your tits off PARTY ” and the —– Fucking House!

Peter continues……
“……. GET FUCKED OUT OF YOUR FUCKING FACE AN</strong>D DANCE YOUR FUCKING TITS OFF at the Fucking —- House. I thought hey! This looks like a great party – but then I read the the address and I was like, hang on a minute – Is this my fucking — house??! Yes it is! And I’m like how many guests have they got coming? I just wanted to know where my invite to the — Fucking House party is??”

Peter goes on about peoples wall comments on the event board (he has a print off) and totally believes that we will end up with 120 people kicking it – if Peter only knew that Richie’s parties probably bring about 25 people AT THE MOST. Richie’s dream would be to host the perfect 120 people party!

That’s not it though. Some how loads of landlords are sending out posters about the dangers of attending parties online and one landlord tells my hommie- who is a confirmed guest – that they shouldn’t go because the fuzz// the cops/// the pooolice are going to turn up in riot vans. Cuz of the title, “get fucked out of your face” suggests drugs.

Should be an interesting night for sure????! I’m contemplating locking myself in my room… I can’t get a criminal record yet! I need a visa to work in the U.S. this summer!! Lol priorities.


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