ToaStar Zyne

Yeh, I haven’t forgotten our ToAsTar Project with all my other projects such as Contemporary Art as Diaologue.

 I think we need a title change. What do you think. Random was good last year. I want something that says something arty and not explicitily arty. At the same time i don’t want no puns – I dont want something tooo smart. Yeah, I’m asking alot. So what? :OP

Good times.  I think the new issue will be ready by the end of Feb. i’ve re-started creating new articles. got 2 new ones. And some in the making. I can’t explain to you how hard it is not 2 post them on here lol. If I was a muscian I would leak all my songs on the internet for sure.

Ideas welcomed. And contributors are always welcomed whatever the weather!!



One thought on “ToaStar Zyne

  1. I really think ToaStar was a one off. You even said yourself you viewed it as an artwork in its construction to pull you through when you just couldn’t be arse.

    So there ToaStar is commenting on a landscape etc and so on.

    Now do a new one, and keep reeling these one off zines off. I think its much more interesting and less presure on yourself to continue and maintaine some kind of formula.

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