Things that annoy me at the Airport.

I think that we only have a customs check so that it gives the airlines time to get our bags off the plane.

Who actually likes Plane food?

Why can’t they just let me sleep? Every fucking 2 minutes- would you like a drink miss? Would you like water miss? Ice cream (although that was nice). Do you have a visa card? Do you have a customs card? Can you put your bad under your chair please or in the over head compartment? Duty fucking Free. If I wanted that… I would have bought it at the airport??

The general rule goes like this: You can have the bestest book ever- and I did – well not the bestest but it’s good! (Conceptual Art. Theory, Myth, and Practice. Edited by Michael Corris) Many conceptual art books are pretty boring or whack. But this – it doesn’t even ahve that many pictures in lol. There are a few – but its very rare that such a book I would read all the way through for my own pleasure and not for an essay or something. Ive had it since xmas and I’m about 3/4 through it.. I won’t be defeated! So I thought, hey… i’ll take this kinda heavy book in my handluggage cuz i’ll have loads of time to read it on the plane.

Wrong! Instead I draw abit… and a read this shit magazine that i bought instead. I managed to read 5 pages all vacation. Including way there and back! And it was heavy to acrry around after awhile- as you can imagine!

Lets put my crime  into better context.  The choice of magazine literature is dire. No art magazines. Some overily expensive dazed and confused and I.D. magazine. But nothing else. A serious lack in music. For my next xhoixe I look at womens magazines./

Big mistake. How to make your man happy? How to look sexy for HIM? How to turn him on… what is your man thinking.  100 things that your man loves.  10 ways to convince him get married.  etc.

need I go on? Yeah alright, maybe if I was in a relationship that I mighttttt just somehow find that abit interesting. But for it to be the whole mother magazine. I find that to be a BIG comment on social female life in the U.S. I know the UK, is very similar… but we also have some variation… like top 10 styles… TOP STORY – I HAD AN AFFAIR WITH MY MOMS MATH TUTOR THEN HE GOT KILLED BY A BULLDOSER

you know? You see where I am coming from. Now and again we even have a few articles about Careers?

In one of the U.S. Magazines – I kid you not – as I was flicking through – it suggests giving up my career to make my man happy. Im’m like bitch, please!

so i ende dup getting the Rolling Stones magazine. That was alright. Instead of reading a great book. Pssct.

On other news though., I did get my gallery internship [not at the MoMA] – although I have a sneaky feeling it’s not being of what I have done, or what I know or indeed because i’m me at all… I think it has something to do because of someone I know..

Ah well…You know what they say, it’s not what you know but WHO you know. And the artworld is indeed just all networks.

Much love



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