just a plan ahead

This is for me, not really for a general public to read – but its on here 2 make it accessible when I’m at uni and that.

My ‘new’ practice is going to work with complex experimental research methods, developing proposals for new models of social organization that lead out from investigations into specific sites. My projects are always multi-layered, informed by theories as diverse as agriculture, class, disaster response, architecture, language and various other fields. I often disorganize and reorganize information in order to construct complex non-linear systems, webs, and patterns to develop alternative readings of a site and to propose adjustments to existing relations. [Lectures never get that.] What I’m going to do this week/ next week is put together speculative proposals based all in Sheffield, UK, that ask basic questions about public space, architecture, conceived as a physical and conversational sphere: how are they produced? To what ends might they be colonized? How do they intersect the realization of personal freedoms? And how might ambiguous or unstable positions be opened up between public and “private” spheres of thought? The real verses the Hyper-real.


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