Compare People on Facebook post 2

So in recent days, my ratings have changed. YES I watch them…. so what? I now crown alot of nice stuff at 1st place and some kool stuff below first place. I like how people would like 2 hang out wid me for a day.  Although further down no1 would like 2 be trapped wid me on an island. I think I’d be alright ya know. I ahve lived on an island all my life.. and this summer 07 I was trapped on a mile long one. I’d sleep most of the time, you’d be alright. Maybe thats why they wouldn’t want to. Or would they be scared I’d make them talk about contemporary art or something? Or the fact that I have no-common sense so we’d end up starving or something?

I agree… a day with me is long enough.  But I AM more useful. However, maybe its because I am more talkative which makes it so you don’t wanna be trapped on an island with? Or because I am Crazier? I’m not quite sure what the definition of that is. Crazy as in.. have a great time crazy… or psycotic crazy. Either one I dunno why people voted me for it? lol I do like more popular. That’s pretty kool. In junior and the start of highschool I was the least  unpopular… till they all found out I could draw and that I could rap and write my own songs …. and I was graffiti artist. oo then I was cool. Rapper girl! And no, I don’t rap like lady soverign. Please! I have an american slurrr mixed with yorkshire. It’s quite interesting actually. I prefer the term, Transatlantic Accent. 

More well mannered. My mom will be very pleased about that. Brought me up right n all that. “Manners go along way,” that’s what she always says.  Harder WorkER/ More likely to succeed//Studies Harder – I hope they are predicted correctly.

2nd More entertaining. I likeee that. Performance artist… I’m not really. Keep being told I should be. Not really my scene. Ihope it means i’m like funny or something. More Creative and Loyal. That’s good stuff! Only 3rd though? Pssscct. Good votes though! Better public speaker has zooooomed up – i bet its from my Philosophy presentation. Yes I like to run around and get proper psyked. I’m like an untrained puppy or something!

At 11 – better at science. Bit random, no? Yeahhh I used to do physics and yeahhhh I was like tryna be  a rollercoaster designer/architect but i need the creative openness and the constant struggle a contemporary fine artcourse gives me.



Most worry thing though



shit lol.

FYI: Thats oh my god, shit.  Not I smell of shit ;o)


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