Is what I’m officially calling South Yorkshire, “I’m from SoYo. ”

Sounds good doesn’t it?

Sounds rather hip and coool…. and arty and fashionable.

It will be our little secret that SoYo is about as appealing to a fashion arty chic cool person as putting your head in the oven.

Speaking of putting your head in the oven, I’m in the Donx at present – thus why I’m posting blogs…. cuz I don’t have the net in S-Town. Poor Student ‘n’ all.  And loads of people in my house went home… And I’ve been abit lonely this week cuz everybodies been trippin’ over assessments. I can’t wait for everything to go back to normal.

5 days till New York City!!!

Oh and can I just say how digusted I was in the Doncaster Bookstore yesterday?? I was just browsing as you do. Looking at NYC guide books that aren’t for the regular tourist… seeing if there were some cool streetart books… Going past the ” CLASSIC BOOKS; RECOMMENDED” section… out of the corner of my eye, was this BRIGHT pink book. I took a double turn.

It was only a book dedicated to Paris Hilton. Why is THAT in a recommended classic book section? I can’t think of anything more boring.  But wait. No it gets worse. I know what you’re thinking. How can it get worse? Eaaaasy.

They placed the Paris Hilton book right next to Anne Frank’s Diary. I mean come on. Who was the brains behind that one? I have photographic proof except that I forgot to bring my cellphones cable home with me, so I guess that makes another post another day….. I told you Doncaster, SoYo bookstores say it all ;o)


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