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 Student Living

I’m not enjoying the weather in Sheffield right now. It sucks,it’s windy and rainy. Coming home from uni at 8:00pm is always a bitch cuz I keep standing in lil’ trails of rivers that are created from the masses of water flowing down the hills. I’m soaked by the time I get in.

THEN, When I got in last night the kitchen light isn’t working so I had to make my own dinner in the complete darkness…I was hoping for something warm – cuz I had just froze on my way down from college… instead I had to surfist with having a  bowl of cereal since i couldn’t make anything else cuz I couldn’t see.


MoMA has got my application form :

Dear Applicant:

    Thank you for your interest in the 2008 Summer Internship Program at The Museum of Modern Art.  We have received the following documents: (If the item has an X in front of it, we have received it.)

    X  Application
    Letter of Recommendation
    Letter of Recommendation
    Transcript or course list

    Select applicants will be invited by email for an interview (in person or by telephone) before final choices are made.  All candidates being considered will be interviewed. The final notification deadline is April 4, 2008.

Ellen Grenley



Sheffield is a city of complex chaos and a complicity of beauty within.  A grey, wind swept city-town sat on the top of 7 hills glitters in the sun with it’s new buildings consciously made out of steal. Flat buildings with no windows. Tall buildings that are faulty. Buildings that are both bold, concrete and flat show that “the new-town” social design was here in the 1970’s. Big brave ideals fluster the surrounding land but all it shows is dashed hopes. Those bland Luxury apartments that no one can afford and every city has, now dominates its skyline. Here the common spirit is individualism, the city a mass of accumulated small actions. In Sheffield, anything goes so long as its making money for someone.  Infringe that right and a world of trouble falls on your head.  Those who survive the chaos moan, but know how to handle it.  Architects and developers are always trying to unpick its muddle of a mess – trying to handle its unruly, gap toothed post-war skyline and they wished, how they wish, that it looked like it were Venice. But every time they do that, it seems to just get knotted back up again. It’s like Sheffield loves being a rebel, and everybody does indeed love a rebel. Sheffield has very rarely looked beautiful but it has an inside splendour that both its people hold and the old factories that dot around the city tell of. A truth, and a belief once existed here. But where has it gone we asked? With Meadowhell churning revenue away from the cities centre for the last 10 years, and The poor Moor being badly “re-generated” making the market having to move themselves else where and the cheaper stores are all closing down – because no one wants to see a working class community anymore. The castle market got flooded from the repercussions of Global Warming and anything that exists on West Street that doesn’t have a bar of some sort, I can guarantee, won’t exist in the next five years. Sheffield is unique but has always wanted to conform and this millennia it seems to have got its wish at long last!  A packet of fags and a friend’s pregnancy scare and this is high school all over again. Popularity never works. It’s an ideal people are taught to like but secretly hate, because after all, that is how a capitalistic dynamical world operates. To be loved comes from conforming and thus no chance of revolutions that could upset the status quo of the Fat Cats counting their millions of dollars. I am, going off the point, but what’s new?   I have started to loose hope in the powers that be, for some creative input into the architecture that is being built. Sheffield’s plan of unwittingly killing everything that Sheffield is best for seems to be inaction. What ever happened to the inviting and imaginative proposals at the Venice Architecture Biennale of 2006?  A plan needs to be executed to help this imaginative expression of formal variety of architectural aesthetics.  Just like the V.A.B 06 said, “ it will be remade from light, out of sound, out of words, out of images, out of stuff. It will be.” Bypassing architects normal obsessions with form and technique. It’s a city of sounds and stories and of course memories.

And this should never, never be ignored.


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