New plan

Contemporary Art As Dialogue group is starting next week. If you know me and you’re reading this… Holla at us. Wednesday 23rd at 12:00 Level 4, C block. Ya hearrrd? 

My assessment went alright, better than anticipated. One of the lectures is a hard-ass marker. Got loads of amazing feedback which is the most important element.

Now onto my next big project. Imma pretend to be a urban developer and make a leaflet about regenerating Sheffield into Las Vegas or a Disneyland type of thing. There will be a conference and everything,. Naturally this is alot of work so I’mma get started now so I can have it done for like March time.

Need to really challenge my ideas into more materials and final products – we already knew that though. can one have too many ideas? so it seems.

new york innnn 6 days. I’m Krazzzzzy excited and really really nervous about meetin the galleries director. I really hope I don’t mess up.



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