new year reso’s

So far I’m keeping my New Years Resolution of doing more work. 2 days that I have been at uni – I have stayed till like 8:00pm Good stuff. i WOnder how long I can keep it up for??

I still have my studio space that i blagged for “invisible studio” for “contemporary art as dialogue” discussions. which is amazing, although 2 graphic design students went past my work and was like,” oh yeah thats the brief for that work isnt it… i like it.. its different.”

Err how about, no it’s not. It’s artwork with a philosophical depth to it! lol

Speaking of artwork.. I have my assessment 2moz and I am trip-pin! It’s either gonna be madddd good! Or krazy bad! And no inbetween. So wish me luck peepz , cuz I’mma gonna need it!


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