Goal and souls [a guide series number 2]

So yeah, I dunno if you know, but i am pretty sure you all do know. I have anxiety attacks about what I’m going to do after I graduate – which is ages away really. Like just under 2 years… I have raw enthusiam and passion… but that never surpasses middle class elitesm with connections and someone who has had a decent education when it comes to grammar.

Would I be good enough to get on a Masters course? No, Yeah? I have a couple of things that I would LOVE to get on. And one of them is the Skowhegan School of Art [ http://www.skowheganart.org/ ] I really wanna do that. I think it would really help me as an artist – but these days you gotta be 21 years to do it. Which is great! Because it means from this Monday…. I’m getting my WORK ON for real. My artistic career up to now has just been a warm up. I’m gonna be proper hardcore. Be in the Studio till late, watch 100s of movies and WRITE about them… sketch all the time… PAINT… curate exhibitions and READ (ive started pretty well this year regarding reading). This philosophy shizz has really stuck with me, when I thought that I was gonna give it up like a bad day job.

Ive got some pretty ace ideas that relaxing this xmas has conjoured up. So after Assessment… It’s going to be alllllllll go! yo!  It’s portfolio time!

Another thing that I’d LOVE to do also is the Whitney Independant Study Program. Now that sounds amazing. However, I think the chances are EVEN SLIMER than the Skowhegan art school which is obviously krazzzzy and I’d be able to afford Skowhegan, living in the US for a year without a job (visa allowances) and no student loan would be crazy. My credit rating is so shit too. It always has been, even before I ever HAD an overdraft. i think someone has been using my name – so getting a loan or creditcard would be out of the question. Grr. But whatever.

Aim high right? So thats my next thing to do…. Get my portfolio up to scratch for the Skohegan deadline Decemeber  2008. I’ll keep y’all posted!

The stuff I wanted to do in the First Guide Series

  1. I have done and sent off my MoMA internship application. So I re-did the essays. It was hardwork for a depressing answer lol. But it’s alright. I realised now I’ve just been chillin. i really need to get on preparing for my art career. So a good learning curve.
  2. I’ve finished my Self Assesment form shizzle. It’s all goood!
  3. I’ve nearly finished the StreetOut booklet – need to add more workshops, correct my terrible grammar and add more pictures
  4. I have done some sketches and stuff.. and stumbled across something which i think might Just make my practice!
  5. I never actually read the books that I brought home for xmas but I have had a good start on the Conceptual Art Theory, Myth and Practice. Which i’m pretty hooked.. I reckon I’ll probably finish it this week when I’m bizack in Sheffo with no internet!
  6. documentation is abit whack. But ya know?1
  7. I’ve prepared stuff for “artistic practice as dialogue” now ” contemporary art as dialogue”
  8. i’ve slept alot
  9. Ive definately ate alot lol
  10. I saw my hommies… jus not as much as I probably would have liked too
  11. Any extra work? Please!!
  12. I re did my website – WWW.SMIZZ.TK

It’s amazing what one can do if you write it down! Word.

Peace Out!


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