Mini Eggs and other goodies

Well I have to say, I was suprised by the amount of texts and facebook comments I got today from everyone. I think it’s the most that I have ever got in recent years… And I was hoping to quietly pass the event by and pretend to continue being 19 :oP

I’ve had a pretty amazing day. Brendan helped me get some thoughts down for StreetForm and “artistic practice as dialogue2″ which is now re-named, ” contemporary art as dialogue” and we have an itinery – check bizack herre for more details or join the Facebook group : Just put the first title in and you’ll get it up1! We had some indepth short discussions and saw an actual impressively curated exhibition at the Site Gallery. (As James said, maybe it’s their New Years Resolution to cut down on shit exhibitions and have some good stuff!?”) Maybe not. But the Sheffield 08 should be something to watch this Feb!

I met up wid James for 15 mins, and he made me this ace card ! And Saw one of mylecturers, Hester, who said that i got an amazing mark for Philosophy! I can’t wait for that in a couple of weeks.

Saw “I Am Legend ” with Kezwilla at the movies… It was good times and the movie crappppped me up yo! Currently eating the left overs of my Mini Eggs

My assessment time and date has been changed for a day later 16th Jan at 3:00 402A [mental note] which gives me an extra day and a lay-in!

And best of all, I got a reply from the Postmasters Gallery… I might be meeting one of the directors when I’m in NY in 2 weeks time. AWESOME? But it does mean, I am crap-kolaring myself… what questions 2 they ask/ things to do they look for?

And STREETFORM & BREAKOUT have got free sponcered hosting from Y3K Hosting. So much love sent that way…  (nothing on it yet, like)

SO FO sheeezzzzy!


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