Yeah, just a post to tell y’all just at how psyked I am about going to NYC again!! Yea yea, like Gareth said.. like its the cornershop. I bet you’re wondering how a poor working class bum student of Fine Arts can afford to keep jetting off. Simple.
I don’t drink alcohol – That’s a big check on a students lifestyle. Not cuz I’m religious or anything like that. Truth is, one I’m totally the biggest cheapskate you’ll ever meet! Two, I’m abit of a control freak so the idea of not being incontrol of my actions is something I’m not keen on. Three, I hate the taste of most alcohol substances… I will make exceptions for cheap nice drinks or free drinks – if in celebration. Four, i’ve seen what alcohol does to families and such. I don’t want to see be apart of the devils juices.

I don’t smoke – Who wants to spend 4 quid at least a week on something that is pretty vile [Which BTW i Have totally noticed the great effects of the Smoking Ban. It never really bothered me, but now I am all for it You can wear the clothes from the night before , the day after… with out smelling like a stale ashtray!! All for the smoking ban now!]

I lead a very simple life. I buy some clothes that I don’t need…I buy the odd book and dvd and CD if ultimately tempted… but other than that – no expensive nights – try and get the best value train/bus tickets. And I know how to search for a good deal when travelling to america. Plus.. My AirMiles are adding up now. Hopefully won’t be long for my next trips.

Speaking of next trips.. I am sat in ultimate anxiety waiting for some replies of requests to do internships at some galleries in NYC. Its painstakingly long. (its been less than 24 hours lol) I am aware it will take weeks, months for a reply but comeee on! lol
Please, please, pleaseeeeeee accept me. I’m an amazing worker for sure! ;o)


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