MoMA internships and trips to Dublin

So last night I was looking for other internships to apply for when I came across this ace website which gave you more internships avilable and how competetive they are.

So i nosey down to the MoMA one. And oh my god. 500 to 30 places average. I’m NEVERRRR going to have a chance. Even with an amazing letter of rec. from Michael Corris. I mean yea, I thought ya know… there be like 200 people applying. NOT 500!! lol Ahh. So i’m some what deflated. But honoured at the same time.

For 2 reasons. The first one is that Michael Corris knew just how small of a chance I have… Like I’m the spec of dust on the needle in the haystack. Basically. But instead of just goin’ fuck off… I’m illl and that. He took his time out to help me believe and worked unsocialble hours at big times when i personal believe people should work. Like Xmas and New Years. SO big respect!!!

Secondly. Tell my good best hommie Kezwilla about it she gave me the biggest vote of confidence. I thought she’d be like – oh well Smifi! But instead she was like, “You’ll get it in!” When I won’t but the belief is more than I could ask for.

SO… with this I’ve told her if I get accepted to the MoMA I will take her and pay her a vacation 2 Dublin.

If I just get an interview – which is just as highly unlikely – I’ll go wid her 2 Dublin but I aint paying for her.

Now whats that eh? That’s friendship lol.

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