Erm What? Big Brother Celebrity Hijack?/!

I’m not an idiot. Well…. Sometimes. But I’ve listened to Gilles Petersons show too many times and the Mark Ronson show. And even though I’m into listening to archived lecturer talks of art on WPS1 art-radio (P.S.1.Contemporary Art Gallery) as much as the next person. I like to listen to music as I work. Listening about celebrity culture- ive listened to the songs on my laptop over 100’s of times – my CDs are all at home in Sheffield. Ive over listened 2 the 3 CDs that i got for xmas. So as a result I am reduced to listening  2 Galaxy FM. Yeah, hard times. But easy music to listen to and ignore whilst wanting t concentrate – I’m just finishing my assessment form and going to be painting afterwards.

Anyways commerical run – I couldn’t help but noticed the dire adverts on this radio show!

One cringe worthy commerical about condoms.

Girl: ” girls who carry condoms are sluts and slags… they sleep around.”

Boy: ” Boys who carry condoms around are suckers. they are losers…”

Girl: ” I admire girls who carry condoms because it shows they have self respect and they don’t wanna get a sexually transmitted disease”

boy: ” boys who carry condoms show they respect females and are respinsible”

Girls: ” I like boys who carry condoms… but they don’t like to do they because they think its a turn off.. i find it a turn on”

BoysL ” I like to carry condoms but its even better when a girl has them; but they don’t like to have them do they? because they find it a turn off… but it’s not.”

OH MY GOD. I was cringing at this. Not only is it badly put together and unreal… But it would actually put you off. Itbars far too long for acommercial. Not to mention how embarrasing it is for kids sat in the car with their parents. Bring back, ” the sexxxx lottery!!! ” jingle. Those were the days!

Despite this long drawn out intro. Another commerical was ; People love Big Brother and celebrities. We love celebrities… we love hi-jacks and big brother and celebrities…. so thats why we are bringing to you: BIG BROTHER CELEBRITY HIJACK on E4.

I was like WTF? I thought it was ironic till it said E4. Still skeptical I check it out online: and to my disbelief…  Its real. What kind of society loves watching people being so desperate to get rid of their dignity for fame; what kind of society likes to be told that they LIKE hi-jacks? What society LIKES hi-jackings/?!

And mainly- why as a society we bowdown to crackwhores that cover songs or look nice and we put them on a peddlestool and make them our religion; copycat them for status to make us feel worthy. Whatever happened to role models like Martin Lutha King and that.



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