Viva Resolutions 2008!

Yo all,

Happy New Years to my average of 12 readers aday!

Hows it goin’? As in an all New Years style… here’s what I’d like to achieve. Another one in the ‘Guide Series’. As I’ve said before writing stuff down helps formulates it to happen.

  • I’d like to eat slightly healthier and re-start the jogging that I need for a mere 3 weeks till it chucked it down with rain/ the scare stories of everyone getting mugged.
  • I’m going to do twice as much work of what I did last year in the Art area.
  • StreetForm WILL be getting big this year.
  • SAVE money. I’ll need it for either an internship/camp/ general travels ect.
  • take EVERY opportunity!

I wish I wish I wish for……

  • AMazing results for my second year of Cont. Fine Art!
  • An internship in a gallery pref. in NYC the MoMA WOULD BE FREAKIN’ AMAZING
  • ToaStar gets printed more and read by the right people
  • That my work becomes somewhat revolutionary_philosophical in art terms.
  • My dissertation kicks ass€!!
  • That I get to do some more amazing travelling.
  • That my mom, horseboy and friends are all happy..

one thing I am GOING to do by the 5th of Jan is write up all the exhibitions i have seen since August ( thats a fucking huge amount) for uni. and then write about my photo’s and artists. damn. Its going to be a hard week.

anyways I am going to post something amusing next so keep it locked 2 smizzle!



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