Doncaster Bookstores say it all…

I hate the Donxx, AKA Doncaster, but it’s one of those love//hate relationships.  I hate possibly everything about it; from the some of the  peoples ignorant attitudes; to its dinginess and a regeneration that matches up to the standards – if not worse – of Sheffields [ the hubs building looks like the city SHU campus except that SHU one was built 10? years previous?!  not tomention they have called it the Hubs which is obviously stolen from the SHU union] ; to the only employment opportunities there are is supermarket or call centre job and very little inbetween. The skills learnt are very little. You could earn yourself a NVQ in Costumer service if you’re indeed lucky. Which homes nothing more than a monotomus underpaid lifestyle that has no outlet of trade if oneself would like to better themselves.

On closer inspection. The town is built to try and suit the post modern era and definately matches the standards of working class life. Untill 2 years ago there wasn’t a decent bookstore. I had to write and complain and plan with when I was a Doncaster Youth Councillor. Eventually in the tacky regeneration of the Frenchgate centre there was a bookstore. Which needless to say is always busy when I go in which even the previous MP of Doncaster didn’t think there would be such a use!

One music/DVD specialist store; no specialist Art shop; No decent Art Gallery – certainly no contemporary art gallery; 1 theatre that is somewhat lacking these days. There is hardly any creative outlet? Is it any wonder that our education system sucks and the teens of the Donx just give birth for some stimulation/excitement. Doncaster is letting its people down.

The Frenchgate has created a dessert of lost business outside the building. Leaving only a few small businesses. Major players such asPrimark are situated outside the Market – gaining their core target demographic but also deterring the markets life away from it. Why buy a tacky handbag for a 10er when just across from where you are stoof you can pick one up that’s been stored inside; out of the rain; for 4 quid.

It’s sad. and the Donx is a perfect example of the UK society as a whole. If it ain’t broke.. don’t fix it. Is a great saying that I use quite alot – but in this case has been taken to a full extreme.  No creative stores for free thinking – but you gotta have the fresh TopShop stores and all alike. Retail happy. Who cares if you’re working your soul away; who cares if you deep down hate your job but you earn 7:00 which means you can pay your parents your bits of the bills and the rent of your room (like 20 quid) you can spend the rest on that Friday/Saturday night extravagence that has you excited from Monday. WHere you drink as much as you can to stop the exploited realisation. you can pay for the car which infairness you only need anyways to go to work with less hassle. And you can buy all the clothes your heart desires. Because your clothes make you feel like you’re living; that it creates your status and thus your being.

Nooooo. We need to look at our WORLD PICTURE now, as Heidegger would argue. What is happening to us? A substational lack in community; a loner on the phone who tries to sell goods to people who don’t wanna know – no real life communication. Our search for being has capitalised and lost. Sure; i’m a sucker for CDs, clothes and dvds as much as the next person. But I’m also aware that it isn’t what I’m living for. And try to make sure its not. That’s why I never waste money on alcohol and fags.

It’s time we just took 20 minutes; alone time, and just look at Doncaster – the town you live in… your lifestyle… the choices our world leaders are making in the name of education [that affects the way we learn and see the world] family policies; war; economy and whether or not to kill us all off via global warming in the name of economic fininance.

Yeah I’m a believer in Global Warming. I was working and livigg in the U.S. when there was the floods in the Donx. It was the council that decided that. They bank the banks break in Tollbar and Carcroft because … well lets face it… they see us are more worthless than the poor poor shops of the Donx that would have insurance and not really lose anthing at all in the bigger picture of things.

So I shall leave my random rant here. I may carry it on… I may not. But id like to hear from y’all. The Donx is a ghetto – but not a ghetto in a gangster sense. a place of restriction. creatively; free thinking and opportunities. We all live on stereotyping of people – there’s only a few subcultures that are heavily formed in Doncaster and thats Chav; Goths/emos/ amougst some others. This shows how the subculture evolved – subcultures are a formalisation of an escapism of exploitation.


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