Wild Thing!!


I know what you’re think. Yes I’m wild. I’m as wild as they get. You know… playing Taboo with the family and scrabble wid my mom and afterward watching Pretty Woman. That’s Willllllllllllldddddd. That picture also says sexual deviant doesn’t it.

Okay,okay.. maybe not sexual deviant… more american teenager – Even though it edging closer to me not being a teen anymore and I’m British. But whatever. Me being Wildddddddd isn’t what I’m refering to here/ Nore is about my hommie; Pheobe WILD. Yeahhhh.

Its about how I REALLY need a haircut bad. Look at this:


Not only this, but my expression looks like a stereo-type of a Hillbilly.

Yeah… Number 11 on what to do: CUT MY DAMN HAIR. It’s getting ridicalous!


And add – I need a tan on to that list too.


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