A guide series

Here isn’t exactly New Years Resolutions as such – but a note for me to get things done. I find that if I write it down – I do it. It’s a weird mental constraint. It feels more important / real if its on something physical (or hyper-real in this sense) rather thanjust thought. And yeah, I could write it down on paper but I’d rather a billion impersonal people read it than say Pinky finding it. She’s found a couple before… and she reads them out loud and cringe worthy.

So here it is:

  1. To re-do the essays (i’ve done 2 [one of them is about ready I reckon – the other needs work] and totally re-do the other. It’s crazy hardwork. If I knew applying for MoMa was this hard.. I wouldn’t have done it (Just jokes!) I’m not gonna get in anyways. It’s like Goldsmiths take 2. I’m too working class for elitest institutions. Yeah so what. My education means that I have had to learn the ellaborated text and it has often stopped me from reaching the top places. (goldsmiths wanted me to get a Foundation cuz they only accept foundation students – Even Kingston accepted me without – but they both were fucking rude – i’d rather be happy in a slightly elitest institution)
  2. Need to so my self assessment form. I’ve started it so thats good.
  3. The booklet for STREETFORM.
  4. Do more sketches and pieces of work. Should be exciting seeing what I’ve got for christmas.
  5. Read the books I’ve brought home.
  6. Take decent documentation of work for assessments AND Omnipresences website that Kicks ASS!
  7. prepare texts and stuff for, ” Artistic practice as dialogue HOST critgroups” when I get bizack to uni.
  8. Sleep.
  9. Eat.
  10. See friends as often as I can whilst at home.
  11. Any extra work.
  12. Re-do website.

Yeah. Sounds good right? I’ll get bizack to you if I do it all.WHICH I’M HOPING!



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