Smizz does the Donx

You forget just how accepting Sheffield is, I wore my groovy hat because IT IS FREAKIN’ FREEEEEEEZING here!
And it’s like the koolest hat. I do look abit.. err… of a twat in it – but at the same time if worn correctly it’s the coolest thing ever. And its more warmth, comfort and then style in my opinion. So yeah, I’m home for xmas. And it’s exciting times.
And I walked past all these school kids and they just stared. all of them. At the hat.
Scary stuff yo.

My plans for in the Donx is to just CHILL-AX! I didn’t have a summer vacation or anything. I am exhusted.
Sleeeeeeeeeeeep and more sleeeeeeeeeeep. And reading. and surfing online. And doing my work and my self assessment shizzle. and sleeeeeeeep more.

I can’t believe that i’m 20 in about 2 weeks. And furthermore 4 weeks TILL NEW YORK CITY.
fo shizzzzzzzle!!


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