Star ~ struck

I’m not the type of person that takes the idea of celebrity to extremes. Infact I never really follow the cult of celebrity at all. I’m completely aware of all these media and sociological theories/studies that shows why we are a mediated celebrity stalking society.
But when it comes to artists i’m like :oO! Bow down. freak out. you name it. that’s me! If only artists ahd a TRL stand in Times Square.
Forget musicians, forget movie stars….. give me an art critic or real wellknown artist and I freeze up like i’ve just been chatting to the priminister or something. Like Bow Wow (which his and O’s new album rocks) has just asked me out on a date or something crazy like that.
This Monday I got Michael Corris to look over my Museum of Modern Art internship essay because if anyone knows what they are looking for it’s going to be him right!? I was right. Man, this dudes a genius!!! I can’t explain just how much I was bricking myself. We’re talking amazing critic artist and curator who is international andd published! Serveral times.
Anyways, it was goooood times. I didn’t say much other than, ” thank you soo much… yea.. yea.. oh yeah thats brilliant… ace! ” ect ect. cuz I felt starstruck / fear that at anymoment he could have thought I was totally wasting his time.

I’m just trying now 2 rejig my essay. its hardwork this shizzle.
Oh and for all you guys that don’t know who Michael is.I’mma put it in to perspective for you. He was the one who wrote in artforum magazine on Damien Hirsts fresh new exhibition that got him noticed; he’s got work in pernament collections in galleries world wide – and were not talking crap-kola galleries either. We’re talkin the elite stuff right herrrre. you can Pre-order his book on [ you know you’ve made it if you can pre-order] he’s curated at the P.S.1 gallery in NYC. Need I say anymore. (there is alot more but i’m not going to go into it)

And you know what, he said my essay was good…infact its really goood……….. for a first draft. HELLS YEAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Other than that; the reason why I havent blogged recently is because I’ve been focussing on my Philosophy essay, I’m bricking it for Tuesday. even more than meeting Michael corris. Fo’ Shizzle.


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