computers like parking lots

I’m a good student ya know? Maybe not the best… but i’m up there. I’m motivated – I try with everything even if sometimes philosophy is a big pain in the ass. So when I want to check my mail and get some more info on HEIDEGGER since im paying to use facilities I dont think that it’s necessarily a bad thing that I think there should be computers for everyone.

I’m not kiddin’ today was like christmas eve trying to get parking. But for computers. Are they logging off over therE? yes…yes… quick-quick–quick OHHHH someone else has got there.

What about them over there? quick! oh they’re just logging on.

You get the picture. what’s the world coming too?

oh yeah, and how long can one street have no power? It is ridicious! Can’t cook, do work or read or even watch a movie. Just sit in the dark. PSsssct! (im using the library at midnight – now thats a real student lol)

what do you think to todays picture?


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