TV Links Yo?!

I was a big fan of TV links, espeically when I didn’t go home one weekend and I wanted my fix of Ugly Betty on the wirelessinternet connection which was shared between 23 of us and it was extremely very tempormental. Anyways. In recent weeks I went to go on it because god forbid i missed an episode of Ugly Betty of the second season. And it wouldn’t work. I assumed the server just went down. Until today I came across this artical in the Guardian (yeah i read left wing teacher papers lol G2 is an awesome supplment)

 Which leads me to my next thought. I read somewhere a couple of weeks ago that for the first time in history advertisers are now paying more money to advertise on the internet because their target demographics are spending more time online. If all the channels are free (excluding bbc) then surely TV programs online should be free anyways. They should totally have a legal website with all the programs on. I hate having to train my life around programs I want to see  – and most times I forget or miss it by seconds! There would be an even bigger revenue to advertise then. and Wah-La! Where as TV will still be just as popular- because of not everyone has or likes using the net. and might want to watch it big screen in better quality ect. Its a win, win situation.

oh fo sho.

you should totally read it, laugh and be outraged. Ironically I’m linking you to it – so thus this could be illegal?

Definately check out the journalists picture. It’s hilarious. What’s with the pipe?

I hope you like todays picture aswell, stole it off flickr :o)


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