CHRISTMAS is coming

And Smizz is already getting fat… I jog now. Yeah. At night though, I’ve slacked off in recent days though because of Sheffield’s sudden rise of crime [it is a desperate time of year in fairness] and there’s alot of aggravated assault and muggings going off. Especially near the under passes. So beware-y people of sheffo!

I’m going to do my picture calender especially for you guys – I don’t have an Internet connection at home so it might proovve difficult to keep up with but – who cares? I’mma try anyways! so i’ve decided some days i’mma blog off flickr (so other peoples pictures ) but it will come up whos it is. If you don’t have a Flickr account you should totally get one. lots of kool features like blogging pictures! lol.
Oh yeah some might be taken on my cell phone so the quality will probably be inconsistent!
(i’m at home, home at present – in the Donx) We’re putting the xmas tree up 2mozzle! I can’t wait! I LOVEEEEE CHRISTMAS! It also means by sunday i’ll have 2 advent calender choccy’s to eat!
I saw the Movie, “Last Christmas” today. It’s okay. It’s easily forgive-able and enjoyable because of the season – out of this context – it is diarrrr!

This is some of the decorations that we got out tonight ready for 2mozzle. Exciting righttt!? Yeah bitches, it is!

 1st December


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