knicked from my hommies blog

from “Class of 2007″ by Peter Oborne, The Big Issue Nov. 19-25 Issue no.771…

“The culture of incompetence that has become a special hallmark of modern British government is the direct result of the absence of any meaningful managerial experience amongst the political class. Very serious decisions are made with a lack of preparation or understanding on a scale that would be found completely  shocking in the private sector…” ie, IT breakdowns in Whitehall, failure to prepare for post-war Iraq, the Millenium dome, NHS reforms…. the list goes on…

“Those lacking in significance within the political class, or who are not influential patrons or have no special wealth, are treated as insignificant and even beneath contempt. Cherie Blair would dispatch officials and diplomats -often quite senior ones- on shopping expeditions and other menial chores….”

“This dismissive and instrumental approach to people who do not carry influence contrasts sharply with the sycophantic attitude taken by the political class to powerful or very rich people. Casual acquaintances with something to offer -holiday villas to stay in, celebrity endorsements, expensive gifts or cash for party machines- are rapidly treated as close friends.”

Buy this copy of the Big Issue, please, and read this article and you’ll come to realise, if you didn’t before, that the men and women who ultimately determine your private, social and professional welfare really couldn’t give a fuck about you… These people are quite blatantly sub standard humans with absolutely no experience of the real world outside of London which they invariably affect and control. These are some scary times that we live in people, word up….


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