This is what is on my mind right now…



So. I am so busy this week, and next week, and I guess for pretty much the rest of eternity that I am having trouble finding time to eat. It is REALLY that bad, I’m not like…exaggerating.

So why am I posting a blog instead of doing something else? Because it relieves stress and I actually just FINISHED the finishing touches of one exhibition proposal – now onto another proposal… leaving me with twenty minutes of nothing to do. But it’s not even 20 minutes of nothing to do, I have SO much to do, but I have to take a break or I’m going to get overwhelmed and end up like Lindsay Lohan in the hospital with like, whateaver the fuck the stressed out and whatever thing is.

Why I’m busy?
-Setting up STREET FORM organisation up
-Got a presentation to do on Heideggar’s “The age of the world picture” and its relevance to the contemporary art era [yeah i know, fuck me] usually this stuff doesn’t bother me – but i only have just grasped the main ideas of the paper. grrr. thats for the 19th Decemeber
-Going 2 the UCAS fair 2 show off contemporary fine arts at SHU in Manchester
-An whatever else i’ve conveniently forgot
– on i’ve just quite possibily over booked myself 3 times. fuuuuuuck.

Holy shit shit shit.


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