So I loveee horoscopes right? and a couple of my friends think i’m krazy. (ironically religious friends are the ones who thinks its the most stupid thing ever.. but i’m not going get into that) in our crap sheffo hallam newspaper (looks like retards have done it – no offence), there are so ridic horoscopes. Mine yesterday was as follows:

“You’ve been praying for the perfect person to come along. Be a little bit more specific. You could even run an ad.”

Not only is this an awful horoscope, but it’s also a little bit poorly written. Not a lot of flow there. But also, it’s totally true! I SHOULD be more specific. Not to the point of putting out an ad, that’s weird for a chick so young and bangin as myself.

Anyway, I read my horoscope while eating lunch with a couple friends of mine, and as a joke, started writing out a list on a napkin (we have like, industrial napkins in this college, no joke). The result was actually a really good list! But also, it made me realize that I am never going to find this man:

-Cares about something, some kind of worldly issues, etc.
-Likes good music
-Dresses nice!
-Holds doors open
-Passionate about something, anything.
-Good Morals
-Not judgemental
-Acknowleges that I’m smart
-Into politics-don’t care which side
-Likes movies
-Doesn’t make me plan what we’re going to do when we hang out
-Romantic but not weirdly mush/make me throw up in my mouth
-Likes that song that’s on my myspace
-Won’t cheat on me
-Doesn’t feel the need to constantly hang out, but does want to
-Will go bowling with me and enjoy it
-Will teach me how to play paintball
-Will give me random food, because I love food
-Thinks I’m funny
-Is able to participate in intellectual conversations!!
-Doesn’t mind that I swear every now and then…a lot
-Social/likes parties
-Not a criminal, unless it’s really sexy.
-Will walk slow when I’m lazy
-Won’t let me boss him around but won’t boss me around
-Not an asshole
-Not sexist
-Not ignorant
-Good personality
-Has good friends

It occurred to me while writing this that I’m apparently looking for a gay man, because god knows that I’m not going to find a straight man that matches up with this list! I’ll take like, 80% though. lol. or lots of money… yeah. i’m That girl.


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