The other day Richie and myself were walkin to Tesco’s – or it might have been so Rich could check when he was working – anyways I was saying how I was talking to Topshop Soph the night before and se kept me up with her nostagia of her yearbook – complete with the yearbook.I didn’t have the heart to tell her that we’ve had the exact same conversation just 8 months prior. So even though I was proper tired I just continued to listen and laugh in the correct places.
We’re walking, walking down the street – going past some people at the bus stop and Richie says,
” Oh come on smizz don’t be that harsh- IVE SEEN YOURS”

this stirs up some reaction at the busstop- they stair – old woman looks really offended and disappointed.
Richie notices this and instantly says, ” Your yearbook that is!!!”

Not making it sound anyway better.



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