The Bathroom

I have just attempted to answer a philosophical question. It’s been an interesting di-section of ideas. I have just realised that the majority of my academic success is via quoting someone else to promote and proove my belief systems. For example, reality is socially constructed – i’d have to use jean baudrillard quotes most definately. This philosophical question was without reference or quoting anyone else- it was just purely your thoughts. And mane, can I say its krazy hard! It’s so hard to structure. it’s like you have a whole bank of ideas and its only noticeable because you dont have the constraints of trying to back it up. You should try it.

Anyways I was mid thought when I couldn’t wait any longer- i had to use the bathroom – so i ran to use the restroom – and I don’t know about you but I always go in the same one – the first cubical on the right as you walk in. And this bathroom has a lil hall before you turn the right hand corner to the cubical – and i was bursting so i ran into the bathroom – took a sharp corner planning in my mind to go 2 MY TOILET. yES, MINE. Totally and forgetting and not expecting anyone to be in it – and i went straight into the door with some in the bathroom.
I’m talking straight full head on!
i Freakout if someone walks toclose to the door never mind whack straight into it. So heres my open apology to the girl who obtains the same toilet as me.


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