STREETFORM organisation


////////////////////////////////// HERE’S THE MILLION DOLLAR IDEA
Or million dollar non-profit idea. and SMIZZLE NEEDS YOU

:::::: BACKGROUND ::::::
StreetForm is an Organisation in it’s early days of being set up. It is primarily concerned with engaging children of ages 14-17, and teachers, in the built environment by promoting Contemporary Arts* in Schools that are situated in deprived areas. A group of dedicated practising artists [art students] set up workshops that are fun, interactive and make Art and Design in schools more diserable to kids, in hope that it might make them more focused, learn about interaction with their area and hopefully encourage them to study it further. (Hopefully get under the belt of AIMHIGHER) These events will happen next year. Visual representation and evaluation of work is particularly important in Schools. Once every half term a meeting with several schools takes place. These schools have to be in the South Yorkshire area.

* = Cotemporary arts focuses on anything from Street Art, Architecture, Neo Formalism to illustration , photography and film. ECT.

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