Ulimately There Is nothing real, than what there is…

Today I had a proper scary/downer thought. I’m currently learning about Philosophy. Plato and that, like.

With Postmodernism, we are either truely really really brave – Or – absolutely depressing cynical- dependant on how you feel personally. and what you’re doing with the theory.

the theory isbased on the fact that, and takes great pride, in that it doesn’t subscribe to a paradigm. however the no paradigm in itself means that it is infact a paradigm! Confusing right/???

Modernism was a sign of truth, a time when people believed that they could change the world! All we can muster now is the ability to change our underwear and clothes (this is not applicable to richie ;o) ) we can’t even take the trash out or change the water in the sink [ or is that just my house? ]. And now all we know is that there is no truth. What can of perspective is that?
No truth?

This leads me on to my next thoughts, The days when convential architecture was driven by a social agenda are now far behind us. tHEY ARE SEcreted in the distant past of the most senior generation of architects when professiona worked for local authorities and housing projects were soley funded.
Interactive design envirnoments are , by comparision with postwar Utopian Projects that could tackle large-scale URBANISM, such as new towns, swathes of residential tower blocks, small scale intent. this is not to undermine their potency; their power to peoples experiences and perceptions. they may not aspire to mevocably change an individuals quality of life or life cause; what they did do, however, is shift how people interact both with those around them and also with the space around them.
In urban context, where major cities are of the world are densley populated everything is acted differently.

And so, Smizz’s real rant [[taster of TOASTAR EDITION2 ]] REALLY BEGINS
Sheffield was a great industrialised city in the UK, and indeed the world. Thanks to the steel industry and now an upcoming art cultural hotspot, its industry and manufacturing role disappeared quite fast after the 2WW. the unique quality of disused warehouses and factories, upon 7 hills, the pattern of land + property ownership which is informing the developement, made Sheffield a “Unique” city. Like no other, relying neithe on dirigiste contiental planning models, nor the faux of democracy of the American grid. Instead, in its messy, beautiful soulful, fascinating way, a metropolis emerged of intensity flantied by a suburban hinterland of home+garden, city buildings contrasted with great parks which gives its distinct identity. #

so why is sheffields new generation now the subject of my anxiety of my art practise. have we lost faith in the success of old models for planning + development + the postwar new towns incapable of rising to the challenge of re making our sheffo 21st century, without losing Sheffield’s uniqueness?

We appear to be in danger of creating false orthodoxies in the way we think about planning and develope. ithas to be said, that the last 4- years in sheffield + elsewhere has seen the abandoment of placemaking in favour of car traffic comprensive development, dumb shopping centres [which consequently— Meadowhell was designed to be a prision if it didnt work as a mall!]]
Alientating office block + fortress housing estates – impermeable + essentialy Anti Urban But it doesn’t have to be like this!!!

I usually have some random readers who always have an opinion or two – so if you have an info on sheffield, architecture and design ect ect. Holla at me – leave a comment. Even critcism. It’s all gooooood!


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