This is why I love WordPress Blogs!

So I’m updating my website before I jet off to america for 4 months. Cool eh!? Hopefully I’ll get it done. Somethings telling me that I won’t. However this blog isn’t about it. I talked about updating my website ( because my email told me I had a comment on the blog. Now I LOVE comments. But when I saw this comment my first reaction was ahh delete!
But then I thought hey! I haven’t had no drama for a year –
I LOVE WORDPRESS BLOGS because it tells me where a person has left the comment from. This place was amsterdam. It also tells me what the person was searching to get my blog up on AOL.
The ironic thing is “Ghetto Soilder” was searching for, either, “ghetto movies” or “learn about the ghetto”. and then tells me and I quote,

“June 16th, 2007 at 11:56 am e
fuck u mutha fucken bitch u aint even ghetto and now u sayin diz fucken bullshit fuck u bitch i can tell u ride dicks bitch go find a life or die!”

On the blog entitled “What Ghetto Movies Tell us”. I just LOVE the irony!!!
But as I am watching Sex and the City with my crazy amount of spare time…. this really begged the question
Ghetto Soilders comment really gots me thinking.
What makes us “ghetto”?

Is it calling people motherfuckers? Because if so, i’m the queen of ghetto ;o). Is it pretending to be hard and shooting people, a style of clothes? Just an attitude? Carrying a gun. Or just simply poverty. Because I’m pretty sure ghetto solider isn’t that poor whilst he’s searchin’ on his “G-MAC” laptop on the internet in oh so ghetto Amsterdam! Even i can’t afford a mac. never mind a g-mac ;o)
I like calling myself ghetto because it’s funny and clearily I am not; or safely white british working class artist ghetto. A whole different breed of gHETTo.
And in the spirit of this blog. I shall leave you a picture comment that Gareth made me on Myspace. Please, don’t hate the player! Hate the gameeeeeee!!

gareth madepicture

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5 thoughts on “This is why I love WordPress Blogs!

  1. yo, just goin to rant in direct conflict with your rant:

    ghetto is a term that replaced the word “slums” in the early twentieth century, it just means an area of low cost housing where the lower working classes live…
    but then theres the “ghetto of the mind” as demonstrated by Pete Rock & CL, which is slightly more in line with your thinking…
    ghetto is just a cool word though, what I think you’re referring to is “street”, ie being involved in Street Life (check the Crusaders for the definition of that shit)but that sounds a bit cliche now a days and anyway like Wiley and Skepta and all the other Roll Deep boys always remind us “no streets in england cause we be pon ROAD”.

    if you actually compare low cost housing in black US “ghettos” with the council estates and high rises in cities like birmingham and nottingham, the shit we got over is more hardcore, dangerous and grim than anything across the water. We just havin got the loose gun laws, yet.

    Rant over. Lots o Love!! Robin

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