Smifi’s angels

This is completely reliant on one of Dawno Porno’s ideas.

I welcome you 2 Smifi’s Angels.. its definately going to give me some focus for the next 2 weeks of posts hehe.

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Heres the character development…

This is Smifi.
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You will notice that he has like a halo through the door – a somewhat god like complex! Its not a very good picture because we usually dont see him. We only ever really see the door open to his office… hear his “huhhuh” laugh (thats supposed 2 sound rather geeky and not like Elvis Presley) and talk 2 him from his office. we never really go into his office.
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Kezwilla doesn’t take a normal picture unless its a seductive one for MSN or Mingleville. she has big breasts- she stops baddies with them. She is the krazy girl who drives. Says stupid things.
Image Hosted by
This is the police after kerry’s erratic driving.
Image Hosted by
But this doesn’t put kezwilla off – she just looks even more determined to drive more krazy.
Image Hosted by So she likes to get her own back with fake parking tickets that she makes herself!!

Pinky is completely different.
Image Hosted by
She is Smifi’s favourite. She wears clothing to proove it. She is the most active out of us all – she likes to run around and wear the skimpiest clothing. She eats very little and can get mad very easily. a force not to be reckoned with!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usShe likes to wear big hats if she thinks it might rain or when we go to theme parks
Image Hosted by
She turns up 2 BBQ’s like this.
Image Hosted by
does this for fun wid kezwilla.

Dawno is certainly very different from the above!
Image Hosted by
Gets held randsom alot of the time; just like in the picture above. is into bondage and such
Image Hosted by
She likes to dress up like a nun especially for Smifi
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usHas done self defense classes in the past and takes it very seriously..

And last but not least is Smizz.
Words can not describe her.
Image Hosted by
But she’s ghetto.
Image Hosted by
And kezwilla hates her taking pictures.
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Find out more next blog post on this subject.


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