It funny how

You can see yourself living with someone or living somewhere. I was shifting through my emails at this godly hour when I noticed that I had a folder dedicated to an ex boyfriend.
A packet of imaginative Mabra Lights later I gots ta thinking, should we keep things like that this? A picture were you look happy… a picture were he looks happy… an email that makes you feel special and stupid… an email that reminds you exactly thats the reason why you had to split up… or an email which just completely backfires your whole belief system?
I’m not sure personally – and although i went to delete 7 months worth of emails from a whole 2 years ago.. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. this begs the question of why?
Is it sentimental value or not. They are purely embarrasingly needy of insecurty emails on my part but still i can’t do it.
I’m not sure but one thing I am absolutely certain about is that I really truely believe that my heart belongs in New York City.
This is my true love, my true destiny. I don’t know whether I imagine myself there with my amazing friends or not though? This summer I am planning to get a true vision of living life in New York City purely as an artist after camp for a week before travelling. So this will either confirm my beliefs or shatter them completely.
And I’ll get back to you guys with whether I eventually delete the folder of emails. I’m pretty sure I won’t be doing that though.
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