Things we learn from ghetto movies…

So you guys know that i’m not going to be blogging for about 4 months (like whats new anyways?!) because of camp and travelling afterwards. Anyways since im a specialist in arts and crafts and teachin the hard inner city kids i thought best get up 2 date with what the movie world tells me. Here how its going2 happen.

I arrive, I get homesick. attempt 2 make friends. Make little friends. Dont get enough sleep.

Kids arrive, They have never seen the countryside before. I am touched at this sentiment. But because they are inner city kids they wont listen. they try showing off. they even try and push me or the weak kid into the lake. I know that art can inspire them. So to be able 2 connect with them first : –
I write down some 2pac lyrics. they listen for a milli second and then be like arts no good for people like us
so i teach them graffiti
i get told off for teachin them graffiti
we start to write our own poems n stuff together. i get them 2 keep a journal.
i ask the camp director to take them on a field trip 2 the movies.
They respect that.
one of them dies which means they are all touched and then magically they see they have 2 get out of a shitty life situation and education might be the way forward and art could be the means. so i have a lil artist camper crew going on.

Yeah thats what the movie’s always teach us. I best get up to scratch with my 2pac lyrics and graffiti drawing.


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