So you might know that this once, this time last year, excluded girlie is again working with kids- one ina poor undeveloped still pretty much wollowing the loss of Pit’s from 2 decades ago and the other with American Kids. But today, I’m going to be talking about the UK Pit kids.
So last Thursday myself, Phoebe and Xanthe went to teach 2 year 9 classes in a throw-back 80’s community. yes the kids were somewhat racist, yes they thought they were funny and they werent (but kezwilla would have lapped it up) and of course yes they we’re all like the stereotype of the boy on the movie Kez
Image Hosted by
just jokes…. some of them weren’t.

Anyways the women who has pretty much organised this gave us a lift bizack 2 somewhat an idea of 21st century realism (a welcome back to nasty 2000’s) and i headed back to Woodlands Ghetto whilst Feebs and Xanth went bizack to sheffield (i had a dentist check-up appointment on friday) Okay so whats my point?

Before the bus ride home, I was in the bathroom and came across this little sticker:
Image Hosted by

Crazy right?! And I don’t just mean how far apart that guy’s head is from the rest of his body. And I don’t mean the positioning of that guy’s arm (although it is a bit scandalous if you ask me). I’m talking about how it’s telling me how to pee! I see that, and I feel like I’m back in the Wild West and the little jackass is challenging to a duel at high noon.

I hear a voice in my head and it says: “Hey you! you need someone in here to watch you pee!! ” but that was just wrong. and so is that sign.. yes.

On another inspection, it actually looks like a guy has to aim his pee at the person sitting down . sic sick sick doncasterians.

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